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1) mhs 파일에서
Set "XC7K325T_REV_1X"  to "TRUE".
Set PART_REV to "325t.1".

2) 그리고 calibration 하는데 시간이 쫌 걸려요...
Do not access the AXI_7Series_DDRx peripheral via XMD until calibration has completed, due to a time-out behavior in XMD. The port init_calib_complete is available as a calibration completion signal, which is desirable to connect to a LED or a GPIO peripheral to signify to the user that XMD can now access memory.
Due to the long calibration time, it might also be desirable to minimize XMD resets during debugging. The following commands prevent XMD from performing resets during other commands (issued after the "connect mb mdm" command) :

  • XMD% debugconfig -reset_on_run disable
  • XMD% debugconfig -reset_on_data_dow disable
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